Jack Nicklaus (the US, golf)

Jack Nicklaus, widely known as the Great Bear, has won 18 major championships and was widely regarded as the greatest golf player of all time. He became PGA player of the year five times.

Jacques Anquetil (France, cycling)

Jacques Anquetil won the Tour de France five times thanks to his strong time-trialling ability. He also won the Vuelta Espagne and Giro d’Italia.

Steve Davis (England, snooker)

Davis dominated snooker during the 1980s and held the number one slot from 1983-1989. He was seven times world champion.

Mia Hamm (the US, football)

Mia Hammplayed 275 games for US women’s football team, won two world cups and two Olympic games. She scored 153 international goals and played an important role in improving the profile of women’s football.

John McEnroe (the US, tennis)

During his tennis career, McEnroe won 9 Grand slam singles titles. He was also famous for his on-court rivalries with great players, including Jimmy Connors.

Magic Johnson (the US, basketball)

Magic Johnson, Point Guard for Los Angeles Lakers, was one of the greatest basketball players. He won 5 NBA titles and became the most valuable player three times.

Roger Bannister (Great Britain, athletics)

Roger Bannister became famous after becoming the first athlete to run a sub-four minute mile in Oxford in 1954.

Joe DiMaggio (the US, baseball)

Playing for the New York Yankees, Joe DiMaggio was nine times World Series Champion.

Monica Seles (Yugoslavia / US, tennis)

Seles was the youngest winner of the French Open in 1990 when he was only 16. He won 9 Grand Slam singles titles.

Al Oerter (the US, athletics)

Al Oerter was four-time Olympic champion in the discus throw. He won Olympic gold medals from 1956 to 1968.

Mark Spitz (the US, swimming)

Mark Spitz won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympic games. In the same year, he slso set new world records at seven different distances.

Chris Evert (the US, tennis)

Chris Evert won 18 grand slam single titles and three double titles.