Moving to Munich “Bavaria” 

In 1992, 22-year-old Mehmet Scholl went to Bayern Munich. In the first season, 31 supportive acts were planned for the current football club player (goals and assists). He was illuminated in the newspapers as a “teen soccer idol” 

As part of the Bavarian side, Bavarian has been the eight-time German champion. In total, the Bavarian team won 20 trophies between 1992 and 2007. Here the victory of the Champions League was reached in 2001.

Scholl became a real superstar in his 15-year career in the German Bundesliga. Many football media have consistently regarded him as the best platform in Germany. 

Mehmet Scholl scored similarly for both his left and his right, and at various lengths. This is illustrated by the video clips on his head. The German middleman’s assistance was very reliable. His strategy never fails, though. Mehmet Scholl’s goals remain in the memories of Munich supporters, Munich Bavaria and the German National Team.

International career: a stunning success at the 1996 European Championship 

In 1995, Scholl became a national player and won the European Championship in England in 1996. Before that, he played for 21 years with the German National Youth Team (5 games played and 3 goals scored). He lasted 69 minutes on the pitch at the final European Championships in 1996 with the Czech Republic, during which he was substituted by Oliver Berhoff, who later became the author of the golden score. 

He took part in the 2000 European Championships in Belgium and the Netherlands, where he scored the only goal of the German national team in their group stage match against Romania. 

It was around this period that he was recognised as one of the greatest artistic mediums in the world

On April 23, 2002, just before the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea, Mehmet Scholl’s busy health forced him to resign as a national player. 

Among German football fans, Scholl is one of the most popular football players for his distinctive personality and ability.

Career coach 

On 27 April 2009, Mehmet Scholl was appointed acting coach of Bayern Munich II, replacing Hermann Gerland, who later became assistant to Jupp Heinks in Bayern. Mehmet Scholl announced his retirement as a coach in January 2013. He justified his decision by seeking to continue his career as a sports analyst on television.