In the last post, we have already known about Joe DiMaggio – an American professional baseball player. And in this post, we will provide you a lot of useful information about a very famous football player – Mehmet Scholl.

Mehmet Scholl – former German professional football player who used to play in the centre. 

He played for German clubs such as Karlsruhe and Bayern Munich throughout his football career


Among the successes of the football player, the following can be determined: eight-time German Bundesliga champion, five-time German Cup winner, four-time German Super Cup winner, UEFA Champions Cup champion, Champions League champion, Intercontinental Cup winner. These milestones were documented during the Bavaria Munich performances. Germany became European champion of the national team in 1996.


Mehmet Scholl (Baden-Wurmern, Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), which is now Germany, was born on 16 October 1970. My father is a Turkish man, and my mother is a German. His parents divorced when Mehmet was still young. Later, the mother had married a second time, now German, and the family had adopted a new surname-Scholl. Mehmet Scholl is the cousin of Jan-Michael Richter, a famous painter. Mehmet’s uncle, Lukas-Julian (b. 1996) played with the Bavarian Youth Team for a long time, currently playing in the German fourth division as part of Voker Nordhausen (Regional Federation Northeast).

Career in Football 

At the age of six, Scholl met with football. In 1989, he started his professional career at the Karlsruhe Football Club, where he graduated (from 1976 to 1982, he played at the club Nordwest academy). His professional debut against the Cologne City Team took place in April 1990. During his first three years playing soccer in the Bundesliga, he became a familiar centerman, due to his professional knowledge and his playing skills. In total, Karlsruhe played 58 games and scored 11 goals.