Mourinho is one of the best coaches of all time and is highly respected for his coaching skills. 

Overview of Mourinho’s biographies 

Date of birth: January 26, 1963

Place of birth: Setubal, Portugal

Height: 1m74

Position: Coach

His full name is José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho, born in 1963 into a middle-class family in Setubal, Portugal. He got a son, Maria Julia Mourinho. His father was also one of the professional soccer players for Vitoria de Setubal and Belenenses, and he wore the colors of the Portuguese soccer team. 

His mother was a primary school teacher. Basically, they come from a well-off neighborhood. However with the collapse of Estado Novo’s António de Oliveira Salazar regime in April 1974, the mother’s family lost everything from the Palmela property.

He decided to imitate his father’s example by becoming a soccer player and joined the Belenenses Youth Team

After graduating with honors, he played at Rio Ave, Belenenses and Sesimbra, but in fact he did not become a professional player due to the lack of pace and strength needed. When he understood his own shortcomings, he resolved to follow his goal of being a true coach. 

His mother had other ideas, enrolling him in the School of Economics. He went to school there but dropped out on the first day and decided to concentrate on athletics, deciding to remain at the Instituto de Educação Física Superior-Lisbon Technical University to study sports science.

He taught physical education at multiple schools for several years, graduated and regularly ranked high in the course. After taking part in the coach training course hosted by the English and Scottish Football Confederation, former coach Andy Roxburgh noted the young man’s commitment, reflecting on every aspect. Accordingly, the position of the coach in football has been rediscovered by the blending of teaching philosophy with psychological strategies and physical skills.