Babe Didrikson Zaharias is a female American athlete. She is known for her excellent success in basketball and golf. Since childhood, she has been cultivating a sport for sport and has practiced a number of sports such as basketball, volleyball and swimming.

She left her mark as an experienced golfer who had been active in 82 golf tournaments. She is the founder of the Women’s Professional Golf Association. The Associated Press voted Babe as a half-century female athlete. The Associated Press elected Women’s Athlete of the Year six times for its spectacular achievements in different sporting disciplines. This talented athlete wrote her autobiography This Life I Lead to Me in 1955. 

As a winner of many prestigious honors, she was honoured with the Bob Jones Award after she died


Born Mildred Ella Didrikson of Port Arthur, Texas, USA, Babe Didrikson Zaharias is the sixth of seven brothers, Ole Didrikson, a carpenter and shipbuilder, and Hannah Marie Olsen. 

Her family moved to Beaumont, Texas, in 1915. She also played football with the local people. Thanks to her impressive home run track record, she received the nickname ‘Babe, named after Babe Ruth, a famous American baseball player. 

She was attending Beaumont High School. Owing to low results, she was forced to retake grade 8. The school authorities allowed her to play during her junior years while attending this school. 

Colonel Melvin J. McCombs, Sports Program Manager at Employee Casualty in Dallas, was delighted by her success.


Without finishing her education, she transferred to Dallas to play basketball. She worked as a clerk for the Labor Trader Corporation in 1929 and worked for it until 1932. 

The organization sponsored the Golden Tornado, a group of female athletes from the 1930s. She led the Golden Storm at the 1931 Amateur League Basketball Championship.

She has earned a valuable role in this squad, which has been competitive in the national championship for three straight years. She also performed with her company at the 1932 AAU Championship, which saw one of her best performances. 

In two and a half hours, she took part in eight events in this tournament. She found success in four of the tournament’s events. At the time, she was hoping to take part in the Olympics.