Starting her tennis career in the late 1990s, Serena Williams quickly became one of the most talented and exciting tennis players in the world. Thanks to her outgoing personality, striking good looks, and unique fashion sense, Williams would be able to command attention even if she wasn’t a top-ranked professional tennis player.

With years of training, natural ability, and a powerful determination to win, her skills on the court is extraordinary. As an African American athlete in a sport that is generally dominated by white players, Williams has gained more attention. Her singles victory at the 1999 U.S. Open made her the second black woman to have ever won a Grand Slam title, after Althea Gibson (1927–2003). The Grand Slam tournaments, including the Wimbledon, U.S. Open, Australian Open, and Roland Garros, are some of the sport’s most visible and significant events for pros.

By Williams’s side has always been her older sister, Venus, an equally commanding player. Venus and Selena spent some years at the top rankings of the tennis world, reaching the number-one position in 2002. Up to 2004, Serena had won six singles Grand Slam titles and numerous doubles titles, including a gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Williams is an ambitious, multitalented person. In addition to tennis, she has also explored acting, appearing in some TV episodes and pursuing film roles since 2002. In addition, along with her sister, she has studied fashion design, too.

Grand Slam Victories

As mentioned before, Serena Williams has won many singles and doubles titles at Grand Slam events, including the Wimbledon, U.S. Open, Australian Open, and Roland Garros. Below, we have listed her most notable victories:


U.S. Open, 1999, 2002

French Open, 2002

Wimbledon, 2002, 2003

Australian Open, 2003

Doubles (all with sister Venus):

U.S. Open, 1999

French Open, 1999

Wimbledon, 2000, 2002

Australian Open, 2001, 2003

Mixed Doubles (both with Max Mirnyi):

U.S. Open, 1998

Wimbledon, 1998