Whether or not you’re an ardent football fan, you’ve heard the name of Pele at least once. Although he has been retired for a long time, Pele is still considered to be the best player of all time.

Dico ‘s name has been related to Pele’s childhood years. From a very early age, he demonstrated the great benefits and talents of a leader over his peers. At the age of 10, Pele made up his own squad to play against other street teams.

The 1958 World Cup season continued to recognise Pele ‘s talent around the world. Thanks to skillful ability and extraordinary speed, Pele has led to the country ‘s glorious victories. At this time, Pele had only turned 17 and helped Brazil secure a separate victory with the French team after three straight goals.

After a stellar success at the season, Pele received various invites from European clubs. 

Pele has been lauded by the President of Brazil for “is a national treasure.” 

With accomplishments that no other player can equal, Pele needs to be remembered by the world as the King of Football. While the great striker’s career has come to an end, the word Pele will remain forever in the world of human football.

Here are only a couple of the precious titles Pele got after the World Cup: 

In 1957 and 1963, Pele won the Roca Cup at the national tournament in Brazil. 

In 1958, 1962 and 1970, Pele ‘s dedication helped the team carry home the coveted trophy. 

In 1995, Pele was appointed Minister of Sport for Brazil. 

In 1998, Pele was awarded the honorary knighthood of the United Kingdom. 

In 2000, Pele was awarded the title of “Great Football Player of the Twentieth Century” by FIFA, then the biggest international soccer player of all time. 

In 2014, King Pele proceeded to earn the FIFA Golden Ball.