Born: May 20, 1985, Nairobi

Nationality: British, Kenya, South African

Team: Team INEOS

Chris Froome, in full Christopher Clive Froome, is a Kenyan-born British cyclist. He has won the Tour de France for four times (in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017).

Froome was born in Nairobi to British parents. When his father filed for bankruptcy, his parents divorced. He moved to South Africa with his mother, who encouraged his riding. He started training at the age of 12 with Kenyan cyclist David Kinjah, who included Froome in excursions with older native Kenyan riders through the dusty rural highlands near Nairobi. After studying economics for two years at the University of Johannesburg, he decided to pursue a cycling career, unlike his two brothers who were both accountants.

In 2007, the 22-year-old Froome turned professional and raced for the South African Team Konica Minolta. One year later, he joined the South African-sponsored cycling Team Barloworld to compete in the Tour de France, where he finished 84th.

Froome was attended by Rod Ellingworth, a British coach, who was impressed by his climbing skills. Ellingworth was willing to overlook his inexperience and tendency to crash during twisty Alpine descents. Froome raced for Kenya but also held a British passport, so Ellingworth encouraged him to apply for a British racing license in order to benefit from the experience of British teams. In 2010, Froome joined Team Sky but he suffered from the effects of schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease, for much of that year. In 2011, he finished second in the Tour of Spain (Vuelta a España), and the year after, he placed behind Bradley Wiggins, the British Team Sky winner, in the Tour de France.

In 2013, Froome won his first Tour de France, received the Velo d’Or award for best rider of the year, and was also designated leader of Team Sky. Two years later, he won the Tour de France again.