Top 50 Sports Personalities of All Time (part 7)

Rafael Nadal (Spain, tennis)

Nadal has won Olympic gold in 2008 and 14 Grand Slam single titles. His win rate is 83%, the 2nd highest in open era of tennis.

Haile Gebreselassie (Ethiopia, athletics)

Haile won Olympic gold in 10,000m twice and held world record for the marathon for 3 years.

David Campese (Australia, Rugby Union)

Campese is one of the most entertaining players in the history of rugby. He won World Cup of 1991 with Australia and holds the record for most international tries (64).

Kelly Slater (US, Surfing)

With 11 times winning ASP World Tour Champion, Slater is the most successful surfer of all time.

Paavo Nurmi (Finland, athletics)

Nurmi won nine Olympic gold medals and set 22 new world records from 1500m to 20km.

Brian Lara (West Indies, cricket)

Lara scored about 12,000 Test runs and set a new world record high score of 400*.

Chris Hoy (Great Britain, cycling)

Chris Hoy is a six-time Olympic gold medalist over three Olympics.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, football)

Cristiano Ronaldois one of the greatest football players of all time, having achieved unprecedented club success with Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Juventus now.

Serge Blanco (France, Rugby Union)

Played 93 times for France as winger, Blanco is most famous for his flair and try scoring ability.

George Best (Northern Ireland, football)

Played for Manchester United 1963-74, Mercurial is regarded as a genius who has one of greatest natural football talents.

Sir Viv Richards (West Indies, cricket)

Sir Viv Richards is considered one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket.

Fausto Coppi (Italy, cycling)

 Coppi was the dominant cyclist before and after WWII, having won five Giro d’Italia and two Tour de France titles.

Rod Laver (Australia, tennis)

Laver won 11 grand slams including all the four Grand Slams in 1962 and 1969.

Grete Waitz (Norway, athletics)

Grete Waitz is the world’s first women to run the marathon under two and half hours. She won the NY marathons nine times and five gold medals at the World Cross Country Championships.

Biographies of Mourinho- Processes to become a great coach (Part 1)

Mourinho is one of the best coaches of all time and is highly respected for his coaching skills. 

Overview of Mourinho’s biographies 

Date of birth: January 26, 1963

Place of birth: Setubal, Portugal

Height: 1m74

Position: Coach

His full name is José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho, born in 1963 into a middle-class family in Setubal, Portugal. He got a son, Maria Julia Mourinho. His father was also one of the professional soccer players for Vitoria de Setubal and Belenenses, and he wore the colors of the Portuguese soccer team. 

His mother was a primary school teacher. Basically, they come from a well-off neighborhood. However with the collapse of Estado Novo’s António de Oliveira Salazar regime in April 1974, the mother’s family lost everything from the Palmela property.

He decided to imitate his father’s example by becoming a soccer player and joined the Belenenses Youth Team

After graduating with honors, he played at Rio Ave, Belenenses and Sesimbra, but in fact he did not become a professional player due to the lack of pace and strength needed. When he understood his own shortcomings, he resolved to follow his goal of being a true coach. 

His mother had other ideas, enrolling him in the School of Economics. He went to school there but dropped out on the first day and decided to concentrate on athletics, deciding to remain at the Instituto de Educação Física Superior-Lisbon Technical University to study sports science.

He taught physical education at multiple schools for several years, graduated and regularly ranked high in the course. After taking part in the coach training course hosted by the English and Scottish Football Confederation, former coach Andy Roxburgh noted the young man’s commitment, reflecting on every aspect. Accordingly, the position of the coach in football has been rediscovered by the blending of teaching philosophy with psychological strategies and physical skills.

Top 50 Sports Personalities of All Time (part 6)

Bob Beamon (the US, athletics)

Bob Beamon wonMexico Olympic gold in Long jump in 1968. He is widely known for his record-breaking jump of 1968 8.90 m – which stood for 22 years.

Ian Botham (England, cricket)

Having taken 383 test wickets and scored 5,200 test runs, Ian Botham is a great all-rounder.

Michael Johnson (the US, athletics)

Michael Johnsonwas theOlympic gold medalist for four times, World Champion eight times and also held World record at 200m and 400m.

Jim Thorpe (the US, athletics, American Football, basketball, and baseball)

Having won 1912 Olympic gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon, Jim Thorpe succeeded greatly in the NFL and was one of the greatest all-round sportsmen.

Jimmy Connors (the US, tennis)

Jimmy Connors was a successful tennis player, who won eight Grand Slam titles.

Sir Steve Redgrave (Great Britain, rowing)

Sir Steve Redgrave won nine world rowing championships, five consecutive Olympic gold medals in rowing, including Coxless pair, Coxed pair, and Coxed Four.

Hicham El Guerrouj (Morocco, athletics)

In addition to being double Olympic gold medalist in 2004, Hicham El Guerroujalso set World Record for the mile at 1500m of 3.26.00 and 3.43.13.

Eric Liddell (Scottish, athletics)

Eric Liddell was the Olympic gold medalist at 400m in 1924 and then dropped out of 100m because of religious beliefs. His life inspired and made into film ‘Chariots of Fire’.

Steffi Graf (Germany, tennis)

Graf won the highest number of Grand Slam singles titles in the Open era of tennis (22 tittles). He was the world’s number one for a record 377 weeks.

W.G. Grace (England, cricket)

Having dominated the game of cricket for decades, W.G. Gracewas an outstanding all-rounder, who captained England and Gloucestershire.

Bernard Hinault (France, cycling)

Having won the Tour de France five times, Bernard Hinault was a great all round cyclist. He also won Vuelta, Giro, Paris-Roubaix, and some other one-day classics.

Biographies of famous sportswomen – Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Babe Didrikson Zaharias is a female American athlete. She is known for her excellent success in basketball and golf. Since childhood, she has been cultivating a sport for sport and has practiced a number of sports such as basketball, volleyball and swimming.

She left her mark as an experienced golfer who had been active in 82 golf tournaments. She is the founder of the Women’s Professional Golf Association. The Associated Press voted Babe as a half-century female athlete. The Associated Press elected Women’s Athlete of the Year six times for its spectacular achievements in different sporting disciplines. This talented athlete wrote her autobiography This Life I Lead to Me in 1955. 

As a winner of many prestigious honors, she was honoured with the Bob Jones Award after she died


Born Mildred Ella Didrikson of Port Arthur, Texas, USA, Babe Didrikson Zaharias is the sixth of seven brothers, Ole Didrikson, a carpenter and shipbuilder, and Hannah Marie Olsen. 

Her family moved to Beaumont, Texas, in 1915. She also played football with the local people. Thanks to her impressive home run track record, she received the nickname ‘Babe, named after Babe Ruth, a famous American baseball player. 

She was attending Beaumont High School. Owing to low results, she was forced to retake grade 8. The school authorities allowed her to play during her junior years while attending this school. 

Colonel Melvin J. McCombs, Sports Program Manager at Employee Casualty in Dallas, was delighted by her success.


Without finishing her education, she transferred to Dallas to play basketball. She worked as a clerk for the Labor Trader Corporation in 1929 and worked for it until 1932. 

The organization sponsored the Golden Tornado, a group of female athletes from the 1930s. She led the Golden Storm at the 1931 Amateur League Basketball Championship.

She has earned a valuable role in this squad, which has been competitive in the national championship for three straight years. She also performed with her company at the 1932 AAU Championship, which saw one of her best performances. 

In two and a half hours, she took part in eight events in this tournament. She found success in four of the tournament’s events. At the time, she was hoping to take part in the Olympics.

Top 50 Sports Personalities of All Time (part 5)

Jack Nicklaus (the US, golf)

Jack Nicklaus, widely known as the Great Bear, has won 18 major championships and was widely regarded as the greatest golf player of all time. He became PGA player of the year five times.

Jacques Anquetil (France, cycling)

Jacques Anquetil won the Tour de France five times thanks to his strong time-trialling ability. He also won the Vuelta Espagne and Giro d’Italia.

Steve Davis (England, snooker)

Davis dominated snooker during the 1980s and held the number one slot from 1983-1989. He was seven times world champion.

Mia Hamm (the US, football)

Mia Hammplayed 275 games for US women’s football team, won two world cups and two Olympic games. She scored 153 international goals and played an important role in improving the profile of women’s football.

John McEnroe (the US, tennis)

During his tennis career, McEnroe won 9 Grand slam singles titles. He was also famous for his on-court rivalries with great players, including Jimmy Connors.

Magic Johnson (the US, basketball)

Magic Johnson, Point Guard for Los Angeles Lakers, was one of the greatest basketball players. He won 5 NBA titles and became the most valuable player three times.

Roger Bannister (Great Britain, athletics)

Roger Bannister became famous after becoming the first athlete to run a sub-four minute mile in Oxford in 1954.

Joe DiMaggio (the US, baseball)

Playing for the New York Yankees, Joe DiMaggio was nine times World Series Champion.

Monica Seles (Yugoslavia / US, tennis)

Seles was the youngest winner of the French Open in 1990 when he was only 16. He won 9 Grand Slam singles titles.

Al Oerter (the US, athletics)

Al Oerter was four-time Olympic champion in the discus throw. He won Olympic gold medals from 1956 to 1968.

Mark Spitz (the US, swimming)

Mark Spitz won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympic games. In the same year, he slso set new world records at seven different distances.

Chris Evert (the US, tennis)

Chris Evert won 18 grand slam single titles and three double titles.

Top 50 Sports Personalities of All Time (part 4)

Bradley Wiggins (Olympic track cyclist)

Before making a rare transition to win the Tour de France, Bradley Wiggins won six gold medals on the track.  

David Beckham (England, football)

David Beckham has won league title in four different countries, including 115 appearances for England.

Abebe Bikila (Ethiopia, athletics)

Abebe Bikila is a double Olympic champion at the marathon in 1960 and 1964. He also won 1960 marathon running barefoot.

Clara Hughes (Canada, cycling, speed skating)

Clara Hughes won 2 Olympic medals at summer games (cycling) and also won Winter Olympic gold at 5,000m speed skating in 1996 and 2006, respectively.

Seve Ballesteros (Spain, Golf)

Seve Ballesteros is one of the greatest European golfers of all time, having won 90 international tournaments and five majors.

Dhyan Chand (India, hockey)

Chand is considered to be the greatest player in the history of field hockey. He won three Olympic gold medals with India in 1928, 1932, and 1936.

Fred Perry (GB, Tennis)

Fred Perry was atable tennis world champion and also won 8 grand slams during his short amateur career.

Lin Dan (China, badminton) 

Lin Dan is one of the greatest badminton players of all time. He is the first player to win the Grand Slam of all major nine championships.

Jan-Ove Waldner (Sweden, table tennis)

During his table tennis career, Jan-Ove Waldnerhaswon a medal at every World Championship from 1983 to 2001. He was the Olympic gold medalist in 1992.

Bjorn Borg (Sweden, tennis)

During a short career, Bjorn Borgwon 11 Grand slam titles, 89 percent of Grand slam events he participated in.

Karch Kiraly (US, volleyball)

Karch Kiraly is a triple Olympic gold medalist. He is the only sporter to have won gold in both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

Michael Schumacher (Germany, motor racing)

Michael Schumacher has held World Champion for seven times and also broke several Formula One records for most wins and most podium placings.

Bobby Moore (Great Britain, football)

Having played for England 108 times,Bobby Moore captained England to 1966 World Cup. He is one of the greatest defenders in the history of football.

Top 50 Sports Personalities of All Time (part 3)

Tiger Woods (US, golf)

Dominated sport during the 2000s, Tiger Woods has earned14 wins at major golf championships and achieved Career Grand Slam three times.

Aryton Senna (Brazilian motor racing champion)

Aryton Senna becameFormula One world champion three times (in 1988, 1990, and 1991). He died in a motor racing accident in Bologna, Italy.

Johan Cruyff (Netherlands, football)

Johan Cruyff is one of Europe’s greatest footballers of all time. He led the Netherlands to the final of the 1974 FIFA World Cup and was voted best football player that year.

Sonja Henie (Norway, figure skating)

Sonja Henie was a triple Olympic Champion in 1928, 1932, and 1936. She also became a World Champion ten times and the highest-paid actress in the history of Hollywood.

Sachin Tendulkar (India, cricket)

Sachin Tendulkar is the only player to have scored 30,000 runs in international cricket. He won World Cup with India in 2011 and has played in 200 Test matches.

Sergei Bubka (Ukraine, athletics)

Sergei Bubka broke the world record for the pole vault 35 times. His outdoor record was increased from 5.85 in 1984 to 6.14 in 1994.

Wayne Douglas Gretzky (Canada, Ice Hockey)

Gretzky is considered to be one of the greatest players in the history of hockey thanks to his 61 NHL records, including most points scored.

Nadia Comaneci (Romania, gymnastics)

Nadia Comaneci has won three Olympic gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1976 and also the first gymnast to gain a great score of 6.0.

Shane Warne (Australia, cricket)

Shane Warne is one of the greatest leg-spin bowlers in the history of cricket. Having taken over 1,000 wickets in international cricket, he became one of the five Cricketers of the Century.

Emil Zatopek (Czechoslovakia, athletics)

Emil Zatopekwon four Olympic gold medals, including three at the 1952 Olympic Games.

Manny Pacquiao (Filipino World Champion boxer)

Having risen from humble beginnings, Pacquiao became one of the greatest boxers and won ten titles in eight different divisions.

Biographies of Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7): The best player of the 21st century

As one of the icons in the football world, Cristiano Ronaldo is a player with an incredibly large fan base. But not everyone knows and understands Ronaldo ‘s history, what’s the name of such a famous star?

Ronaldo (full name Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro) has a common nickname for CR7 football fans. The Portuguese played for major and popular clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and now Juventus.

The position of a winger or striker is the position of the Portuguese captain ‘s castle

He was born on February 5, 1985, this 35-year-old player is 1m87 tall and 07 is the number of shirts he sometimes takes to the field synonymous with his brand CR7. 

He then became the most expensive player in the world with a contract worth £80 million when he transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

Born and raised in a family, they broke up after both parents were divorced. He was just 11 years old, and shortly after that, his father died as a result of alcoholism. Ronaldo didn’t do well at school, and he mostly skipped school to compete in athletics.

At that point, he suffered a fast pulse, which may cause him to stop playing soccer. Luckily, the Sporting workers helped him to treat the illness. 

Then people started to discover Ronaldo ‘s talent, and he was invited to Liverpool, but Liverpool declined. 

By 2003, he captured Sir Alex ‘s eye when he defeated Manchester United 3-1 and contributed to all three goals. As a result, he joined MU as a backup for the famous David Beckham.

To dream about Ronaldo, people call him a security nightmare. A regular body with a strict diet and strict workout. He showed the world his alarming acceleration. 

His good position on the left flank tells the fans how skilled and skilled he is. He also has outstanding air fighting capabilities due to his height. With the potential to finish both of his hips, Ronaldo used to set himself up with stunning free kicks.

Top 50 Sports Personalities of All Time (part 2)

8. Lionel Messi (Argentina, football)

Lionel Messi is one of the most excellent football players of the modern game. Messi has been voted footballer of the year (FIFA Ballon d’Or) for five times and has led FC Barcelona to unprecedented domestic success.

9. Roger Federer (Switzerland, tennis)

Roger Federerhas broken a record of 20 single Grand Slam titles and held no.1 world ranking for 310 weeks overall. He is widely considered to be the greatest player in the world of tennis.

10. Jackie Joyner-Kersee (US, athletics)

Having won Olympic gold in Heptathlon and Long Jump, Jackie Joyner-Kerseeis one of the most successful female track and field athletes of all time.

11. Michael Jordan (US, basketball)

Michael Jordan has won NBA championship for six times. He is considered to be the greatest player in the story of basketball.

12. Eddy Merckx (Belgium, cycling)

Eddy Merckx is the most successful athlete in the world of cycling. He has won the sport both classic one-day races and the major three-week tours, consisting of five Tour de France victories.

13. Babe Didrikson Zaharias (US, golf, athletics)

Babe Didrikson Zaharias is a ground-breaking female athlete who has succeeded in basketball, golf, and track and field as well.

14. Larisa Latynina (Soviet Union, gymnastics)

Having won 14 individual gymnastic gold medals and 4 team medals at the Olympic Games between 1956 and 1964, Larisa Latyninaseta world record for a female.

15. Serena Williams (US, tennis)

Serena Williams is the most successful female tennis player in the history of the sport. She has won 23 single grand slam titles and 16 double titles, in addition to four Olympic gold medals.

16. Babe Ruth (US, baseball)

Having set numerous baseball records, Babe Ruth was widely known for his big hitting. He also won a lot of titles with the New York Yankees.

17. Michael Phelps (US, Swimming)

Having won 18 Olympic gold medals and 22 medals in total, Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time.

18. Diego Maradona (Argentina, football)

Diego Maradona joint FIFA player of Century with Pele. He won the 1986 World Cup with Argentina’s national team.

19. Martina Navratilova (US, Cz, tennis)

Having won 177 titles in total, including 18 grand slam titles and 31 major doubles titles, Navratilova is the world’s most successful tennis player of the open era.

20. Lottie Dod (England, tennis, golf, archery)

Lottie Dod is a five-time Wimbledon singles champion. She also won silver medal archery at the Olympics in 1908 and the British Ladies amateur golf title. She played field hockey for English Ladies, too.

Pele – Profile and life of the football king

Whether or not you’re an ardent football fan, you’ve heard the name of Pele at least once. Although he has been retired for a long time, Pele is still considered to be the best player of all time.

Dico ‘s name has been related to Pele’s childhood years. From a very early age, he demonstrated the great benefits and talents of a leader over his peers. At the age of 10, Pele made up his own squad to play against other street teams.

The 1958 World Cup season continued to recognise Pele ‘s talent around the world. Thanks to skillful ability and extraordinary speed, Pele has led to the country ‘s glorious victories. At this time, Pele had only turned 17 and helped Brazil secure a separate victory with the French team after three straight goals.

After a stellar success at the season, Pele received various invites from European clubs. 

Pele has been lauded by the President of Brazil for “is a national treasure.” 

With accomplishments that no other player can equal, Pele needs to be remembered by the world as the King of Football. While the great striker’s career has come to an end, the word Pele will remain forever in the world of human football.

Here are only a couple of the precious titles Pele got after the World Cup: 

In 1957 and 1963, Pele won the Roca Cup at the national tournament in Brazil. 

In 1958, 1962 and 1970, Pele ‘s dedication helped the team carry home the coveted trophy. 

In 1995, Pele was appointed Minister of Sport for Brazil. 

In 1998, Pele was awarded the honorary knighthood of the United Kingdom. 

In 2000, Pele was awarded the title of “Great Football Player of the Twentieth Century” by FIFA, then the biggest international soccer player of all time. 

In 2014, King Pele proceeded to earn the FIFA Golden Ball.